Many call our society youth-obsessed. Google it, and you will find numbers of how many people are opting for cosmetic surgery, Botox treatment and other cosmetic procedures. No matter what specific steps (if any) you take to “preserve your youth”, it is hard to argue that it actually nice to look at yourself in the mirror and like what you see.

What is your theory of what makes us look young?

We all have seen many examples when people of the same age are perceived differently – one is full of energy and another worn-out. In my theory, these two factors really help – great posture and bright smile. While you need to look for other specialists to improve your posture, I can definitely help with your smile.

What whitening approaches do we use?

There is a great variety of whitening products on the market. In our office we use only two. The reasoning is simple – good whitening result requires patient’s commitment and motivation and, obviously, great product. Even relatively simple task of trying to locate whitening trays in the bathroom and filling them with gel often gets too burdensome for many people.

The first of our products is super easy (Opalescence Go)– just get pre-made, pre-filled trays from the box, use them for 15-30 minutes and throw them away.

The second is super effective and can whiten even extremely tough (tetracycline) stains which was previously thought to be impossible. It is KoR whitening deep bleaching system. And system is the key word here. It has a very specific protocol designed to provide best results possible.

How does KoR work?

On surface, the process looks similar to other whitening protocols your saw – you get a set of trays and whitening gel. But these two make all the difference with KoR system. Precision is at its very core. First, we need to take a very accurate impression of your teeth as special double-layer trays are made by a specific lab. You whiten while you sleep. Therefore, trays need to be very precise to prevent gel from leaking into your mouth. Second, KoR system uses gel that needs to be continuously refrigerated to ensure absolute potency and effectiveness. It is actually shipped to us in small refrigerators full of ice packs. This gel has no additives to preserve its purity and effectiveness. The entire process typically takes two weeks with one or two office visits. Then you just need to use your trays once a year for one night to maintain great results.

So what about motivation and commitment in this case? Well, it is not a cheap option. I doubt that someone will want to waste such investment and not to follow the protocol.