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I have twin daughters who both were missing a tooth in the front of their mouth and have another that was severely under-developed. They have been under orthodontic care for five years and Dr. Andriy has worked in conjunction with the orthodontist and overseen the process to assure that the end result of these two young ladies is nothing but a beautiful stunning smile. Dr. Andriy’s attention to detail and commitment to perfection is second to none.

Dr. Andriy and his staff went above and beyond the call of duty on several occasions. He worked with my daughters difficult college schedule and logistics of travel time. He and his staff worked late hours to put on 4 crowns in one day and the result was two stunning smiles on both girls.

THEN….After five years in braces, and just one short week with a new beautiful smile, one of my daughters fell and broke one of her new crowns. I went to his office to show him the picture of my daughters accident. I was truly dreading the reality of having to re-do what was just done. Dr. Andriy’s reaction was one of those moments, where you can literally feel the pressure falling off your shoulders as he shot me a great big smile and said: “We can fix that – no problem!”. For the second time, Dr. Andriy and Tina, worked a scheduling miracle and arranged for my daughter to come in two days later. My daughter had an 8 o’clock appointment in the morning – at 10 o’clock she had her new crown on and with an even bigger smile than the first time, headed back for college.

The service and quality of work we have received at Dr. Andriy’s office is second to none. The entire staff: Tina, Naomi, Don, are wonderful and always make us feel like they truly care about our health and well-being.

Thank you Dr. Andriy and all of your staff for your wonderful service and beautiful smiles!

cosmetic dentistryMonica Dean
A visit to the dentist was never something that I looked forward to, but that’s changed since Don’s been cleaning my teeth. He’s delicate and precise which makes the procedure go easily. And, he tells the best stories! I have total confidence in Andriy and know he’s always looking for the best way to keep my teeth healthy. I also want to thank Iryna, Naomi and Tina who always make me feel cared for during my visits. Thank you!
dentist appointmentKari Witte
When my molar crumbled in my mouth one day, I was sure that I was in for some misery getting it fixed. Andriy saw me that same day and said not to worry; he could put a temporary on until the crown was done the next day! Since he makes crowns right there at his office, I didn’t have to wait a week to have it sent out to be done. He then used a new pain killing machine that made the numbing of my mouth much less painful than I’ve ever experienced before. Andriy has the technology, and really knows how to use it! Thanks for keeping me smiling Andriy!
same day crownsSteve Witte

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