About Occidental Family Dentistry

Occidental Family Dentist, led by Dr. Andriy Shevchuk, DDS has been a steadfast and reliable practice since its opening. We regularly serve the wonderful community of Occidental, California, and are continually humbled by the good graces of those who come to visit us for treatment. We can only repay those good experiences by providing stellar and thorough dental procedures that allow people to unlock the doors to their best quality of life.

We understand that no one dental situation is exactly the same in scope and experiential consideration, meaning that we enjoy getting to know patients and their needs on a personal basis, as well as helping them soothe their fears related to misinformation or other experiences in dentistry they have suffered. We are happy to serve a range of preventative, restorative and emergency dental procedures aimed at sustainable, long-term solutions. No Dentist practice is complete without a consistent love for the community, and so we hope to ensure your engagements with us are reliable, comforting, and fully informed. You can tour our dentist’s office via the platform on our website, as well as research your financing options going forward. This way, you can ease access to Dr. Andriy Shevchuk, DDS and his stellar team of professionals.

About Occidental, California

Perhaps there’s no clearer indication of our respect for Occidental, California than the fact it has become part of our namesake. While our beautiful community is small, a hidden part of Sonoma County, it’s by no means less impressive than the surrounding areas. In fact, it’s perhaps one of the best-kept secrets in the entire state, and we hope that stating this fact isn’t letting the cat out of the bag! Occidental offers a range of authentic and most Diners, a diverse community celebrating a range of cuisines. Of course, a local dentist with a proven track record is always welcome in a place that celebrates good food and community as much as Occidental does.

Not only this, but a thoroughly rewarding attitude to health is found here, with the Bohemian Highway serving as one of the most popular through lines of a tremendously scenic route, attracting cyclists and hikers from all around. Not only this, but the beautiful open environment allows for an incredibly high purity of fresh air, as found in the 33-acre Grove of Old Trees natural forest preservation.

Furthermore, a real celebration of the wonders of rustic life are in full bloom here. The prestigious Occidental Arts and Ecology center allows for many in the community to learn about the growth of various plant genus’ and range of herbs provided in the facility’s main ‘mother garden.’ We’d be hard-pressed to blame you should your visit to our practice become a multi-hour exploration of the Occidental surroundings, as beauty, rustic and modern balances and a beautiful arrangement of people with nothing but community care in mind can be found in every corner.

As such, we are proud to serve this local community and hope to remain a steadfast part of it for many years to come.