A worthwhile Dentist’s practice is always well equipped to handle all matters of Dentistry large and small, and that’s exactly how Occidental Family Dentist operates. Dental Implants have become a procedure growing in popularity and necessity, particularly in older patients. Like any restorative dental work, good sense and thorough education is essential when making your decision, or when feeling comfortable in your Dentist’s recommendation.


Dr. Andriy Shevchuk and his welcome practice in Occidental, California is proud to provide Dental Implant treatment with one of the best and most proven track records. Losing a tooth, or multiple teeth, is simply not a pleasant experience no matter how you slice it. The loss of one tooth can have dramatic effects on the surrounding structural integrity of your other teeth, as well as your gum health. This can also leave you feeling less confident in your smile.  


What Are Dental Implants?


A dental implant is quite simple in practice. Using metal frames carefully applied to the jawbone, your Dentist is able to use this as the platform to mount replacement teeth in a careful and measured manner. The support given by said frame can allow for perfectly aligned and strong replacement teeth, unlocking the keys to your confident Dental health once more. Not only that, but it can also help you restore your smile and give you the confidence in chewing and enjoying foods. They can also provide the backbone for the further application of dentures, allowing for pronounced stability.


A dental implant holds three components to it. First, we have the crown which is the replacement tooth part of the implant, ergo the most visible part set to replace the presence of your tooth. Second, the base screw, often fused to the jawbone frame through two different types of implant installation, as we will explore below. Third is the abutment or connector that holds both of these constituent elements together with strength and reliability.


There are two types of proven dental implant worth considering here:


Endosteal Implants


Endosteal implants are implanted directly into your jawbone through surgical applications. This can be irritating to your gums, and so it may take a number of days for them to heal. This then justifies the use of a second surgery, that is the application connecting the post to the prior implant. From there, your artificial teeth can be applied. This allows for a thoroughly stable and permanent implant fixture, and can be one of the most popular forms of dental implant treatment. 


Subperiosteal Implants


Subperiosteal implants are the aforementioned metal frames applied directly to the jawbone beneath the gums. This allows for posts to poke through the gums serving as perfect placements for artificial teeth, allowing for a more jaw-rooted implant platform. 

Both Endosteal and Subperiosteal implants are approved by the American Dentistry Association and Occidental Family Dentist based in Occidental, California will be proud to assess your needs and help you make this decision with confidence. We understand that requiring new dental work can inspire uncertainty in new patients. Our practice is well versed in soothing new patients, and so we would warmly recommend that you contact us.